Thank you for participating in the Development Station session.

The session was conducted by Dr Urmila. She gave a detailed description of the current development station.
It has four components:Time spent ‘waiting’ 4 minutes to review the task and Universal cues.
1: Focused history – 10 + 2 mins
2: Virtual examination – 8
3: Discussion – 3 min.There may be a difference in timing and that can be confirmed by visiting RCPCH site. In practice – it will not matter to you.
Dr Urmila gave example of what to look out for in history and how to verbalize a ‘fine motor’ assessment examination.
I found it hard but then I am confident with practice you will make it look easy and simple.
Learning points:

  • Use provided tools / toys – ONE at A TIME.
  • Mention what you are going to use – instruct child to ‘perform task’ and then mention What you expect
  • Do NOT give complicated instructions – you can confuse the child
  • Also will NOT know if it is motor aetiology or cognitive concern
  • Watch development Video and ‘Talk’ over it – like dubbing a screen clip
  • Write out examination at the end of the day from a case seen during the day

Please send your feedback of the session to me. It is a difficult station to put online and your feedback will help improve it for your learning experience.

Anil Garg