It’s been a wonderful experience with your classes and have learnt so much from you regarding how to communicate with patient bystanders in our day to day life rather than for the exam alone.

Write exam: how to be meticulous with the minute of the details in a video station as well as how to approach clinical / communication station keeping the time constraints.
Regarding feedback :

1) communication skills and approach has improved.
2) We can make our session continuous without having a log out in between sessions.
3) We can have more extended clinical station sessions as it covers like 3 stations.
4) Video stations – more videos with discussion.
5 ) 5 students per sessions seems optimum
6)Communications scenarios may be sir which you feel is really difficult to tackle by the candidate like involving HIV positive mother .
7) Timing is convenient at present.
Many thanks for your guidance once again sir.

Dr SS Kuwait. 1 December 2020