1: What worked well.

As always the integrated way in which you have organized the sessions giving tips of how to tackle the different situations in the exam

The addition of Dr A , Dr S is invaluable adding in to your experience it gives us hands on what to expect

2: What can be improved?

I think its time if we increase the number of sessions per week as to cover more ground as time flies

3: How to improve it?

Either we can have 3 sessions per week or we can increase the timing of the sessions

4: What is the optimum number of participants in a session?

6 to 8

5: What time suits you best?

Currently for me the second half is suiting me better as I get done with all the other stuff before hand

6: What specific ‘topics’ would you like covered in different stations?

Not very confident in the musculoskeletal department in the clinical stations

If you have any topics related to that

Abd the ever sore Development

As of now I haven’t jot down the specific topics but will update you as we go along

Dr MF – Pakistan. 27 November 2020