The task was: Bhad 6 yrs old has come for a FU visit. Please examine his eyes.

Dr Sound & Dr Shis took the hot seat.  Verbalizing the examination part was stressful and took a little longer but there was definite improvement in the time taken compared to previous sessions.

There was a ‘tendency’ not to believe the signs they had elicited and then to put them in a unifying diagnosis.

Learning points:

  • Read Eye examination.
  • Be organised – as in other system Inspection, Palpation, Percussion and Auscultation
  • Divide eye exam: Vision – acuity and field, Extra ocular muscle, Fundoscopy
  • Test EACH eye separately
  • Fix head when checking eye movements
  • Define 6 extra ocular muscle movements when checking

It was good to note the improvement but there is still a significant way to go.
Add your comments or any points I may have missed.

Anil Garg