Thank you for participation in the session today. Dr Alok discussed three common scenarios in the respiratory system which you could come across in the exam and are also important in the day-to-day management as a paediatrician.

The cases were:

  • Cystic fibrosis – diagnosis and initial management,
  • 25 week preterm with IVH, Chronic lung disease, mild developmental delay with acute respiratory distress
  • 5 year old with eczema and undiagnosed asthma

There were key learning points:

  • Focused history needs to be focused – do not spend your time on unnecessary details
  • Think of 3 common differential diagnosis based on initial information provided
  • Ask questions accordingly – do NOT think of rare conditions
  • Respiratory system in NOT only below the Clavicles – consider nose and nasopharynx (ENT) too.
  • Blocked nose or obstructive sleep apnoea cause considerable symptoms
  • Blood spot test: screening vs diagnostic
  • Lot of practice is needed

It is good to note that our time of ‘examination’ is decreasing – Dr Freda completed a respiratory examination in little over 5 minutes – well done.

Add any comments or points I may have missed.
Anil Garg

Many thanks for your regular feed backs. Another very useful session as always .

Thanks a lot to Dr Aloke for his very useful questions , I hope the examiners are that kind too to give us cues.Never expected a Bronchiolitis to be  in exam so it was an eye opener as well. So in this exam we have to sort out our devises and connections as well as college will not accept any excuse on our part.(sorry about disruption in between the session everyone) Hope we will get better with time. Fingers crossed .
Best wishes – Maria. 20 Nov 20