Dr HR has said .. Yesterday session was very good.

Only conflict was how examiner take my question about sign shown in video?For example clubbing was seen and if i ask clubbing is there or not ?Examiner may say failed to pick up sign.

The conflict is Consuming your time unnecessarily. My suggestion is you can say “Can I confirm Clubbing I noted in the image” Examiner will say “Yes” – of you are correct. This will not take more than a few seconds.

Another example There was No dysmorphic features but if i ask is there any dysmorphic features or not?Examiner may take it on another way that i didn’t pick up that face is normal or he may take to off track by asking what abnormal features are u looking for(Dysmorphic features too is big list!!).

Again – mention – “I would like to confirm – Child looks Normal and has NO dysmorphic features” Examiner: Yes / NO.

3rdly There was pansystolic murmur in video and if i ask which type of murmur than Examiner may take it as candidate dont recognise common murmur and asking non essential generic questions.
So how to ask when some signs already shown in video or photo as clue is dilema still.That question should not throw off track or giving wrong image like candidate failed to identify given sign.

You CANNOT ask which type of murmur. You should only ask for location and maximal intensity and radiation – if appropriate. Murmur characteristics will be presented in the discussion along with other information gathered.

Please note the above are my suggestions only and reflect what I would expect from a candidate. Examiners do vary to a degree as you might have noticed in our sessions.

Look forward to your comments and questions

Anil Garg