Thank you for participating in the session today. It was a first for us all.

We practised verbalizing the 4-6 minutes of actual clinical examination.

It was hard work. Dr S and Dr V took the hot seat and performed will, considering it was the first time. Others also had a ‘go’. Talking through different parts of the full exam: General physical observation, Palpation and Auscultation. As a group we know it all.

Learning points are:

  • Picturize the whole situation
  • Have a working differential from initial information and cues
  • Introduction, Hand hygiene, Permission.
  • Ask about pain from ‘role player’ / examiner
  • Describe what you want to check and get information on
  • Be careful of describing your examination technique
  • Right sequence of proceeding and specific questions
  • Practice Binary questions – a sign is present or Not
  • Do not beat around the bush
  • Summarize in a few sentences – remember Examiner has given you the ‘findings’.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice to cover the whole in 5 minutes.

add a comment or any points I may have missed.
Video of the sessions will be available.

Anil Garg