Thank you for participating in the session today and making it so interactive. 

My apology for the information overload. We covered a lot of area and I trust it will sign post you to where to focus your effort and where to find the resources.

We discussed the approach to a ‘cardiac’ patient. General examination followed by systematic examination of the chest.We discussed normal physiology in a child and how the fetal transition to circulation occurs and the pressure changes associated with it. How do use pressure changes affect the flow of blood and give rise to murmurs. We then had a number of audio video clips depicting murmurs commonly encountered in children.
The learning points were:

  • Better understanding of cardiac physiology.
  • Recollection of murmurs.
  • Continuous murmur of PDA vs Aortic stenosis + Aortic Regurgitation
  • Diastolic murmurs clearer.
  • Foetal circulation and effects after birth on murmurs.
  • Brushed up schematic working of CVS examination.
  • Encourage to say what you find
  • Practice of how to ‘run’ your clinical examination.

Please add your comments or anything I have missed.
Anil Garg