Thank you for your participation in the sessions on clinical stations.

The new set up is different from before and is also new to us. We are trying to guide preparations to the best of our understanding of how the new setup will run and how  candidates will have to adapt their examination and presentation techniques to score maximum marks.

There have been two PowerPoint presentations on clinical station in general and more specifically for CVS station.

The learning points are:

  • Look at the images provided very carefully for cues that you would have from seeing a child
  • Practice talking through the examination
  • Good presentation is essential
  • Need to be very systematic so as not to miss a ‘sign’
  • If you do NOT ask – examiner will not tell you
  • Read basic physiology and management options
  • CVS – murmurs are a weak point for all – need practice
  • Be vary of two conflicting finds in your presentation
  • Normal pulse with Aortic stenosis or with significant regurgitation
  • Better not to comment – if not certain
  • Investigations – Know what you will be looking for.

We will do a session on common murmurs that can be expected at next session.
Add your comments or any points I may have missed.

Anil Garg