We had our first sessions on Winter UK time – due to error on my part – the first session scheduled for 3:00-4:00 pm UK time – the invitation was sent for old time of 4:00-5:00 pm. My apology. Hopefully the error should not recur.

We also had 2 histories: One a Young person with Coeliac disease and the second a young person with Crohn’s disease. Anish and Ayo were is the role players and performed beautifully. The coeliac history was a bit hit and miss but the Crohn’s disease history was very well done. There is always room for improvement and we had formative suggestions from peers and Siba.

The learning points were:

  • Introduction is important – be brief
  • Give Role player time to respond: keep quiet for 5-10 seconds – do not interrupt.
  • Active listening.
  • Explore main complaint and also common associations.
  • Chronic disease – if unexpectedly get worse – think of Compliance first.
  • You may need to probe on compliance and not just a gradual acknowledgement
  • Other disease process – workout a differential
  • Social history is important.
  • HEADSS – for young person is important – DONOT leave till very late.
  • Remember you cannot ask about ‘everything’.
  • If you finish early i.e. 9-10 minutes – likely you have missed out on an important aspect in history.
  • Summarize.

Add any other points or comments.
Anil Garg