Thank you for participating in today’s session.

We made a change to the intended program by swapping new history scenario to continuing the discussion on asthma. I made the choice because asthma is a very common topic in the exam and then come your way in history and management, communication, clinical and even video stations. We presented the summary as it would be to an examiner.

The discussion was conducted with Dr Aloke and highlighted the different aspects management could proceed during the discussion.

The learning points are:

  • Update yourself with NICE guidelines on Asthma Management in children.
  • Tests that can be done in the clinic to evaluate condition and progress: PEFR.
  • FeNO – a new monitoring test available and used at certain centres but will be rolled out.
  • Spacer devices available – how to choose most appropriate for ‘your child’.
  • Aerochamber vs Spacer.
  • Be able to describe how to use an inhaler device
  • Differential diagnosis: GORD, Post nasal drip – allergic rhinitis, Cystic fibrosis, IgA deficiency
  • BTS guidelines on treatment: SBA, ICS, LABA, Montelukast agonist, Oral steroids, Theophylline.

Add any points I may have missed or to add any comments.
Anil Garg

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