Thank you for participating in the session.

We discussed a 10 year old boy with asthma who was causing concern to parents. We had Dr Urmila role play.
I emphasised the basic nut &n bolts of a History station and how it differs from a Communication station – though there are a lot of similarities in both and a significant marks can be acquired by good communication skills. We completed the history part of the station.

The main learning points are:

  • Read the Information sheet carefully.
  • Each line and ‘word’ has significance and had been deliberately chosen.
  • The cues from there should guide to formulate a differential diagnosis.
  • Prepare your questions related to the DD.
  • Be systematic in your information gathering.
  • Ask screening questions for relevant diagnosis.
  • Role player will not give information unless you ask.

Add any further points or comments.
Anil Garg