We discussed the management of coeliac disease in the first session. Dr S summarised her findings from previous session. The discussion on significance of a ‘negative’ coeliac screen tTg level in context of management of disease, likely complications, what regular monitoring will be required and role of biopsy.

Dr Siba gave valuable advice on Coeliac disease management:

  • Serology is important and levels of tTg – IgA antibodies > X 10 are confirmatory evidence
  • Serology levels of < X10 – need to be confirmed with a Biopsy
  • Following a new diagnosis Screening of 1st degree relatives is required
  • Pneumococcal vaccine is recommended as patient deemed ‘asplenic’.
  • Advice parents to have a separate shelf / cupboard to keep ‘Gluten free’ food and utensils
  • Sepeartae butter dish etc is recommended to avoid contamination


I met Tobias, a case of Coeliac disease vs I met Tobias who has Coeliac disease.
Choose your words carefully.

Examiner has been listening to you taking history so DO NOT repeat it all.
Salient points which support your conclusion only – sound better and save you time for discussion.
In the second session we discussed Management of Crohn’s disease. Very well done by Dr M.
We also discussed how the new format virtual exam will affect our performance at various stations.
Learning points:

  • Read clinical examination and practice speaking
  • Need to mention what you will be looking for
  • Passport / Bracelet for Steroid and other medications or disease process

Please watch the video as there was lot of information discussed that I have not been able to put here.
Add a point or any comments.
Anil Garg