Thank you for your participation in the session and making it interesting and useful. Dr Urmila and Dr Siba were with us and gave very valuable feedback.

We saw video clip of a 14 year old with weight loss, dehydration, acidotic breathing, confusion. Differential diagnosis.

It was good to note all the signs were picked up, good differential diagnosis was made and appropriate questions to differentiate the DD. Discussion was on Diabetic ketoacidosis.

Learning points:

  • Look up the current guideline
  • Know Diabetes inside out as it can come in H&M, Clinical, Communication or Video station.
  • Observe the video carefully
  • Summarize well and in order
  • Do not make up signs or history points
  • Read all Hypo / Hyper scenarios and Shock – ready for discussion.
  • Link to latest Diabetes guidelines.

Vist to add and points I may have missed or any comments.

Anil Garg