Thank you for participating in the session today and making it so interesting and interactive. We discussed at three day old baby who was floppy. The signs were picked up by son but as a collective all signs were picked up inappropriate differential diagnosis was formulated. 

We needed some guidance on how to formulate the question to ask for history and what specific examinations may be carried out to help you narrow down the differential diagnosis. 

The learning points were:

  • Watch video carefully
  • Work out the possible differential diagnosis
  • Frame questions carefully.
  • Be precise and specific to information required. Closed questions are best here.
  • Finds should be phrased with minimum words and try avoid long descriptions if possible
  • Speak with Consultant, your own and Tertiary specialist as required.
  • You are not expected to know everything!
  • While working out differential, think of a specific test for the condition.

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Anil Garg