Misbah role played very well and it was interesting to note her ‘response’ to 2 different candidates approach to the same ‘task’. One felt she was very difficult while the other found it easy and smooth going.

Before you give your ‘information – bad news’ – ask RP / parent what do they know of the situation – then elaborate filling details – this is much gentler. Also use silence after giving the news of 10 secs for RP to come back with their queries.

Learning points:

  • Read the task carefully and think of options needing consideration
  • Use ‘simple’ language BUT do not make is ‘baby childish’.
  • Fracture of a bone is a fracture – Do NOT beat around the bush – Do NOT waste your time.
  • Try and NOT to get involved with answering for other speciality e.g. Obstetrics in birth related issues
  • Save your time for Paediatric related issues of the scenario
  • Summarise.

Video recording of session available to view if you missed the session.

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