A lot were confused about lack of a well defined task but to address ‘Role player / parents’ concerns following a brief clinical history of preterm baby with reflux.

Such scenarios are not uncommon and when you deal with parents in your clinical practice you do not always clearly know what the ‘Task’ will be when you meet a parent.
You explore with the parent their concerns, encourage them to come out with all they are worried about – this will not take more than 2 minutes or 3 at the maximum. You can then paraphrase the concerns and confirm that is what is worrying them – like Freda did – and then the task becomes very easy.
You need to be guided by the Role player and after the concerns are defined – you can take over the ‘talking’ but in 30 sec bites and checking understanding and engagement in the discussion.
Use silence effectively – if YOU keep silent – Role Player will speak – give them PLENTY of time to speak. If you intervene too early or after the first concern – you will MISS the boat – so to speak.
Learning points from today:

  • Know common equipments in use – apnoea monitor / alarm – & their functions
  • Not to assume information – SIDS was not on the radar – so don’t bring it up
  • Summarise at 6 minutes – acknowledge if you note RP is still NOT satisfied / upset
  • Offer remedial solutions in the next 2.5 minutes or their other information. Admission for observation – CAN be a solution.
  • Do NOT panic.

Fo any more points that I may have missed please add them in your comments.