We discussed discussion with parents of a newborn baby noted to be dusky 4 hours after birth. Registrar’s assessment in likely congenital cyanotic heart disease, possible Transposition of Great Arteries – TGA.

The learning points are:

  • Read the TASK carefully. Pay attention to details of scenario provided.
  • Do NOT go into the room with prefixed – NON movable ideas / plan.
  • If diagnosis NOT confirmed – consider how to confirm in a simple manner. EXPLAIN.
  • Offer basic differential.
  • Ask for partner to be present – offer the chance.
  • Take ward sister with you – mention in setting the scene
  • Respond to Role players ‘concerns’.
  • ‘Is he going to die?” a common question – HAS to be answered HONESTLY
  • DO NOT brush aside and move on with your own plan.
  • Read the Task before reading the information on the sheet outside.

Please add your comments if I have missed any other points.