Discussed Scenario – Father refusing consent for Lumbar Puncture. 10 month old admitted with fever and convulsion, likely diagnosis of meningitis.Good candidate play and I did the role play of the father.A number of learning points.

  • You do NOT need a diagram to explain every situation.
  • Some things can be dealt with with a simple brief explaination – “CSF for test”.
  • Reduce pain by local anaesthetic, sucrose in neonates
  • You do NOT need a pain team to decide on pain relief.
  • Discuss treatment options and durations – may help decision making
  • When discussing a diagnosis: DONOT say ‘I think diagnosis is ..” – say “I suspect or highly likely to have”.
  • Is he going to die? – Be reassuring – “No or Unlikely with adequate treatment’. Do NOT skip.
  • “Do you know what is the matter with …”  – ‘What have you been told so far’?
  • Try to move from a specific test to the relevance in relation to treatment.
  • Meningitis need to be treated – hence LP is necessary to decide on correct treatment.
  • ‘Hot seat’ is important to learn.

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Anil Garg