Information sharing regarding a genetic condition is a very standard scenario and you should all be well prepared for it.

Brush up basic genetics and common conditions, Trisomies, Cystic fibrosis, Neurofibromatosis, Haemophilia. You need not know great details as you can and should use the expertise of a Geneticist colleague for guidance.

BUT DO NOT give wrong information and try not to be too technical.

Communication station – more than any other is a ‘show’ and you have to act your part.

I gave a plan of how you should set your ‘stall / scene’. Follow the guidance and you should have safe passage at the stations.

Learning points today are:

  • Participate in the sessions and come out of your comfort zone.
  • You will HAVE to do it in the exam – so practice NOW.
  • Do NOT be too technical.
  • When explaining any abnormality – start with a brief description of NORMAL.
  • You can then put the variance in perspective.
  • Keep it SIMPLE – what a 10 year old can understand.
  • Do NOT over complicate.
  • Do NOT give information NOT asked for – danger of ‘Irrelevant comment’.
  • Do check understanding frequently
  • Summarise YOURSELF – this is more time efficient.
  • While waiting outside with scenario:
  • Think of WHAT YOU DO KNOW
  • Break it down to small chunks to explain.

Today’s session is uploaded for view.

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