We had a useful session role playing a common scenario.

A child is given a wrong medication accidentally. Task is to inform parents.There are number of subtle variations but the approach is essentially the same on tackling the scenario. There was reluctance by candidates to ‘bite the bullet’ and a fair degree of ‘beating around the bush’.
I role played a candidate as How I would tackle the scenario.

The learning points are:

  • Build rapport but need not beat around the bush
  • If you ask for parents concerns – respond to them – Do Not ignore them.
  • Mention the task as early as possible.
  • Have a plan of how you will be attempting the scenario.
  • Do offer a sincere apology BUT do not be too appologetic and stray off course.
  • You should seem confident.
  • Describe the incident clearly in about 1 minute and keep quiet for role player to respond
  • Learn important phrases and practice so you sound natural.
  • Do NOT say mistakes will NEVER happen.
  • Process to discuss in detail and have learning outcomes to reduce error.