Dear All

Thank you for participating in the session today.

In RRR we discussed:

  • HSP – diagnosis & Complications
  • Nephrotic Syndrome – diagnosis & management
  • IntraCranial Tumors: symptoms & signs

The Clinical station today was examination of Eyes of a 6 year old who has come to OP for arouitne follow up. Dr A and Dr P & Dr P took the Hotseat. Dr P did a good Eye examination – minor points to improve performance and to shave off about minute from examination. Task of Eye examination also should begin Introductions, General examination and then moving to specific eyes. Acuity of individual eye should be done first.

Learning points are:

  • Systematic approach is essential
  • Explain to child what you will be doing and what you want them to do.
  • Use simple language to explain to child
  • Know various specific test well: Eye cover test etc
  • Management of a condition is not confined to Drugs only
  • General and other supportive care is essential to discuss
  • Advice for Dr Sonia – our new faculty: Pracrtice, Practice, Practice

Please visit to add your comments or points I may have missed.

Anil Garg