Dear All

Thank you for your particpation in the session today.

In RRR we discussed:

  • Head Injury – Primary & Secondry damage
  • Burns & Fire
  • Adrenal Insufficiency – features

The Clinical Station was examination and discussion of a 6 year old with h/o of transfusions since age of 2 and a full abdomen. Dr A took the Hotseat and Dr P & Dr P had the examiner hat. Dr T did a systematic general and local examination covering almost all the points in an orderly sequence. His conclusion was succient and to the point. Examiner discussion was brief. Questions were what medications , long term complications and their monitoring. The examiners and others gave important points on management.

The Learning points are:

  • Thalassaemia – Iron overload
  • Complications of Iron on various organs
  • Heart, Liver, Pancreas
  • Penicillin prophylaxis after spleenectoy
  • Following Head Injury – detection of CSF leak
  • Check clear fluid with Dextrostix: CSF will be +ve
  • Pain control is first management in Burns.
  • Mention any other obvious abnormality in examination

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Anil Garg