Dear All

Thank you for joining the session today. We have had a longr than expected break due to reasons beyond my control. We will make up for the lost time in the next few weeks.

In RRR we discussed:

  • Radiation effects – post malignancy treatment
  • Delayed puberty – consider Extreme exercise
  • Laryngomalaica – floppy larynx

Communication scenario was discussion with Role player (Grandparent) explaining Unexplained bruising of a 2.5 yr old grandchild and further management plan. Dr T took the hotseat and AG was the roleplayer. Dr T made a very good attempt and covered most important points. There is always room for improvement. ‘Examiners’ gave very constructive feedback.

The Learning points are:

  • Use correct ‘anatomical descirption’ Laryngomalaica is ‘weakness’ of cartildge and not of muscles of larynx.
  • Communication is Dialogue NOT a monologue
  • In you use medical terminology (jargon) – explain it in simple words
  • Do not speak for more than 30 seconds (maximum)
  • Consider 30 sec limit as ’30 mph speed limit’. You can drive slower than 30 but should not exceed the limit!
  • Use your duty as per ‘law’ or Guideline’ to avoid making issues personal with Role player.
  • Describe Normal before talking of Abnormal: Normal bruise vs abnormal bruising.
  • Summary at 6 mins is essential but needs only few sentaneces

We will continue with communication scenario on Thursday.

Please visit to add your comments or things i may have missed.

Anil Garg