Dear All

Thank you for your participation in the session.

In RRR we discussed:

  • Failure to thrive – vs Short stature
  • NAI  & Place of safety
  • Stridor

AG presented ‘History’ in the Clinical exam. Although there is one designated station for History & Management, your skills of taking a good history are explored in Development, Video and Clinical stations also. HE discussed some important do’s and Don’ts and pitfall to avoid.

Learning points:

  • Focused History – you do NOT have time to ask everything
  • H&M Station: Usually Chronic cases but can have Acute presentations
  • Development – establish diagnosis & current functionality
  • Video use questions to support or rule out your DD
  • Open and Closed questions appropriately
  • Summary for Role Player & Examiner are different
  • Do not say all as Examiner has been listening to you
  • Present with you diagnosis with supporting evidence
  • Differential diagnosis- if the case is such
  • Test of your Communication  Skills

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Anil Garg