Dear All

Thank you for participating in the session today.

We concluded our Spring course and reviewed what we have covered together.

  • Rapid Random Review: 70
  • Interactive Zoom Sessions: 24
  • Hotseat: 25
  • Blogs with details: 24
  • Learning points: 110
  • One to One Sessions: 10

AG discussed the NEW OLD MRCPCH Clinical exam.

Clinical exam has come round 360 degrees disrupted due to Covid. The Clinical exam was ‘suspended’ for a period followed by FULLY virtual exam. Face to Face exam without children was next and now the exam has reverted to how it was intended to be – FACE TO FACE WITH CHILDREN.

There is one lasting change in the exam and that is in the DEVELOPMENT STATION. It has now changed to a 22 minutes station. It now has two components: History and Development assessment. It is scenario based with candidate required to get appropriate focused history to elicit aetiology, functioning and support followed by development assessment of a domain. Discussion with the examiner is the final interaction on the station.

Questions on what to read:

  • NICE guidelines
  • Know all ‘Hypos’, ‘Hypers & Status … conditions you know.
  • The above will cover almost all emergencies.
  • Note difference in emphasis in history at various stations.

We will start the Summer course with Development station on suggestions by all.

Please visit to add your comment or points I may have missed.

Anil Garg