Dear All

Thank you for participation in the session today.

In RRR we discussed:

  • Cervical lymphadenopathy
  • Floppy neonate
  • CSF rhinorrhoea

The Clinical station had an option and the group chose to do a MSK station. Scenario was of a 4 yr old with parent’s concern regarding his walk and frequent fall. Universal cues were of calf hypertrophy, Gower’s sign & struggling to climb stairs. Dr N took the hot seat and made a good attempt. Dr A then swapped seats. Most of the points were covered but time management was an issue. In General examination look for Walking assistance aids / wheel chairs etc.

Learning points are:

  • MSK & Neurology have some similarities and significant differences
  • Do NOT go down the wrong route else you will not get the marks
  • MSK & all stations – check for PAIN and say you will STOP if there is discomfort
  • This is a good sentence for rapport building
  • Important to practice on your own with recording video or front of mirror
  • Clear nasal or ear discharge after h/o injury or persistent runny nose
  • Predominantly from one nostril – think of CSF
  • Easiest test – ??? —   Write in
  • Rapid recall is essential in the exam

Next session we will have a demonstration of MSK station.

Visit to add your comments or any points I have missed.

Anil Garg