Dear All
Thank you for attending the session today and making it a very useful learning experience.I will need a volunteer for the role play on Thursday.

We did not touch RRR today and instead took extra time on the communication scenario that was of a drug error – 5 week old infant given Phenobabritone 75 mg instead of 15 mg.
A common scenario of an angry role player.

DR AG was the role player. Dr A was in the hot seat and Dr D tried the scenario again with Dr A in the hot seat. Good attempt in face of a very angry and upset parent.
Learning points:

  • Systematic approach
  • Build rapport
  • Do NOT start with – I have come to inform you of an error.
  • Apology ONLY after you have informed of ERROR.
  • NOT vice-versa.
  • Prepare your ‘agenda’ for first 2 minutes – get cues from Role player from there on.
  • 30 sec rule – DO NOT forget
  • Empathy.
  • ‘I understand how you feel’. Look as you mean it – pause.
  • DO not just say as if you have to.
  • You DONOT have to tell EVERY THING you know.

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Anil Garg