Dear All
Thank you for participating in the session today.
We practised a focused history of a 3 month old brought to A&E by her mother for cough, cold and not feeding for 4-5 days. Extended clinical station had universal cues demonstrating healing rib fracture and subdural haematoma. Dr A & Dr A were in the hot seat and made good attempt.
Learning points:

  • Watch Universal cues carefully 
  • Make a differential of possible causes
  • Share information with Role Player
  • Learn when to interrupt RP when going off track or rambling on
  • Systematic approach is essential.

We reviewed the stations covered in the past three months 3 this course.

Rapid Random Topics:      75

Communication: 6, : Video:  5, : Clinical Stations: 9

Development: 4 : History & M.: 1

We will start the winter session from Tuesday 25 January 2022.

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Anil Garg