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Dr C had sent me the Dragon boat podcast link which she had mentioned at the last session. I’ve had a quick look and it seems a very useful resource. One way would be to download the podcast and listen to it when you’re walking around or doing other activities.
Rapid Randon Review was:

  • Aims of management in MDT
  • Common Surgical Interventions in Cerebral palsy

The aims for a MDT are:

  • Therapies: To promote development of the child to their maximum potential
  • Equipment: To provide equipment or support to facilitate participation in home & school activities
  • Detection and Prevention of secondary complications.

Most often Specialities help is from: Orthopaedics and Neuro Surgery.
Clinical scenario was of a 3 1/2 years old child whose parents were concerned that the child was ‘slow’ compared to his sibling. Task was to determine the developmental age this 3 1/2-year-old child. There was a 6 minute video clip detailing the examination that was later verbalised by a participant, a summary given and brief discussion on management.
Learning points were:

  • ‘Cannot do’ vs ‘Did not demonstrate today’ – import communication note
  • Life course approach in MDT so the child can be a participating adult member of community.
  • Your assessment supported by what the child DID before the upper age limit by not demonstrating
  • Ask relevant history of various domains that CANNOT be checked ‘ demonstrated in exam
  • Can child ride a tricycle, feed self,
  • Focused history – be aware of time and the domains to be covered.

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