Thank you for participating in the session today and sitting through our trial of ‘new’ technology for us – breakout rooms in zoom. IT did not go as I expected but it did give an opportunity to more hotseat experience and discussion beneficial to all.
Learning points:

  • Good introduction / opening statement: ‘We are meeting because your daughter has a problem tell me more ….’
  • ‘Why are we here today?’ … sounds grating to ears – even though correct.
  • I would say what I information I have and then build on it.
  • “I have letter from your GP mentioning Deborah, your daughter, has a problem with her phoo. Can you tell me more…’ Then keep quiet. OR words to this effect.
  • Read up common conditions.
  • Differential diagnosis and key question points in the 4 minutes while ‘reading & waiting’.
  • Ask relevant questions.
  • Remember examiner has been listening so DO NOT make up later. Admit you forgot to ask.
  • Management plans need to be suitable to scenario.
  • Be aware of treatments used and also a reasonably well informed of drug actions.

    add your comment or any point I may have missed.

Anil Garg