Thank you for participating in the session today. We moved to FH&M after covering Clinical Station.

Scenario was of a 8 year old who had starting soiling for past 2-3 months and hiding her ‘pants’. Seen in OP Clinic with parent.

Hiren was our role player and FM offered to take the hot seat. Thank you. Always a stressful place to be. FM completed the take in the required time and rest of the participants filled in with the questions she had overlooked. Not many.

Discussion was good and we rotated it round all to add.
Learning points were:

  • Think of a differential in the 4 minutes
  • Write out bullet points of history to be taken.
  • Rapport building is an essential part of the opening of this station also.
  • Ask what ‘brings’ them to the clinic / consultation?
  • This will give their agenda and you need not follow yours.
  • Address their concerns.
  • Staying at home for a parent need not mean they are home makers and do not work.
  • Do NOT assume facts – clarify – if important to your decision making.
  • Management – break in broad headings and then can explore one by one.
  • Remember you do not have the TIME to ask EVERYTHING you wish.
  • Be selective else task cannot be completed.

Add you comments for points I may have missed.

Anil Garg