Video was of a term looking, 3 day old neonate notes to have signs of significant Hypotonia requiring tube feeding and under phototherapy. No obvious respiratory distress.

The signs demonstrated were picked up – baby was hypotonic – but important to mention each sign when describing your findings – supporting observation of hypotonia: frog like posture, complete head lag, rag doll ‘tone’ slipping through grip on holding under the arms / axilla.

Important o frame history question appropriately so as to help your differential diagnosis and same for targeted examination.

Learning point:

  • Ask question – very specific – ideally a closed question.
  • Differential diagnosis: BROAD brush to begin with – gives scope to expand
  • MORE important – gives wriggle room in case your only diagnosis is not correct
  • Investigations – again – start with basics – say what you EXPECT to find.
  • How they will guide your differential
  • Have a reasonable idea of the management plan.