It was the first session in our current cycle after communications. Video was of a 18 month old with signs suggestive of possible Kawasaki disease.

All the clinical features elicited in the video clip were picked up.

Difficulty was in formulating a differential diagnosis and what specific examination may you wish to do i.e. get the findings of – Do not say ‘vital signs’ as that is very unlikely to help you narrow down your differential.

In this case looking for lymphadenopathy, joints and possible oral mucosa for koplick’s or strawberry tongue would have been appropriate.

Management was discussed and important to co-relate it to the clinical signs that have been identified.

  • Learning point:
  • Formulate a DD supported by the clinical signs.
  • Work out appropriate investigations – again related to your DD – NOT random general.
  • Can get baseline investigations if you expect them to get worse.
  • Need to be quick and try and lead the viva questions if you can
  • add your comments and questions.