Dear All

Thank you for participating in the session today.

In Rapid Random Review we discussed:

  • Presentations of severe illness in Children
  • Chickenpox – complications
  • Liver Failure: Management of child

The Clinical station was examination of 14 years old, Rachael who has come for a routine FU. Task is the examine her Respiratory system. Dr P took the Hotseat with Dr A, Dr L & Dr A taking the examiner hat. Dr P conducted a systematic Respiratory examination with a General physical examination to start with. Most of the clinical signs were noted but some significant findings were not noted. Parts of respiratory system was also missed due to time limitation and not lack of knowledge. Examiners picked up the missed findings. We then had a discussion on findings foloowed by summary and presentation to examiner.

The Learning points are:

  • Read the Statement VERY CAREFULLY
  • Names: have a good idea of girl’s & Boys name. Should give idea of gender
  • Getting gender wrong is virtually a fatal mistake. If not sure – ask & clarify.
  • Systematic examination is essential – practice so you can finish in due time
  •  Do not jump to conclusions
  • If condifient of diagnosis – give that first in summarizing and then support with findings
  • Narrating list of findings over 35-50 secs is a waste of your time
  • Chickenpox is a common condition – read specially in Immunocompromised.

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Anil Garg