Dear All

Thank you for your joining the sessions today.

In RRR we discussed:

  • Acute Upper Airway obstruction: causes & management
  • Gastro-Enteritis: conditions mimicking GE
  • Blood spot test / Gutherie Test

Clinical station was CVS examination of a 6 year old seen in OPD for a routine Follow Up. Dr S took the hotseat with DR P & DR A taking the examiner hats. Dr S made a good attempt however examination was not structured and fluent. Identification of the murmur was an issue for all. It was evident that we need to spend more time in practicing clinical examination of various systems.

The Learning Points are:

  • Systematic examination technique is a MUST.
  • Expose relevant part at the start – so as not to miss.
  • Examination should be sequential.
  • Basics: Observation – Inspection – Palpation – Percussion – Auscultation.
  • General examination is essential for all stations
  • Check for Medication, Aids, Obvious features
  • Upper Airway Obstructions: DO NOT Examine throat
  • Arrange for back up support in case of Respiratory arrest
  • Reassure and be confident with child
  • You should revise Emergency management of common conditions

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Anil Garg