Dear All

Thank you for participating in the session today.

In RRRs we discussed:

  • Fragile X Syndrome
  • Pulled Elbow
  • Dehydration assessment

For Clinical station – AG first presented Do’s & Don’ts of the Clinical stations. What to do and what should be done differently. DR U then reviewed a CVS station and summarised. It is very easy to get into difficulty by going into details that are not required and not being systematic.

The Learning points are:

  • Watch the video cues very carefully
  • Concentrate on different ‘signs’ besides one you have noted in first view
  • All signs shown have relevance – note and mention
  • General physical examination is part of EVERY station
  • Spend 30 – 45 sec to look around and note any splints / medication
  • General well being / growth / any obvious abnormality
  • PAIN – be aware and check at start of examination
  • Practice to verbalize your examination
  • Offer a differential diagnosis if cannot narrow down to a single
  • Mention investigations with expected results
  • Do NOT just give a list of investigations.

Please visit to add your comments or points I may have missed.

Anil Garg