Dear All

Thank you for participating in the session today.

In RRR we discussed:

  • Headache in 12 yr old – hypertension
  • Cyanosed newborn – 4 hours old
  • Recurrent infection – 4 yr old

The History station was of a 21 day old aby with weight loss and serum Na-113 mmol/l. Dr I was a good Role player as father of infant. Dr P took to the hotseat while Dr R & Dr K wore examiner hats – with feedback with observations and as per mark sheet. Dr P made a very good attempt at getting the history and discussing management. Examiners made very accurate observations and Learning points from the group are:

  • Have a Differential diagnosis with scenario information.
  • This will give structure to your history
  • Structure to history taking is essential
  • Empathy – demonstrate as appropriate
  • Do not ask too many questions together – get answers too.
  • Family history can be vitally important do not ignore.
  • If a cue is offered – explore – do not just brush over.
  • CURRENT ACUTE problem ALWAYS needs to be tackled first.
  • Discuss with your consultant
  • Consult tertiary intensive care teams – if required.
  • In CAH – DD – Sepsis, meningitis, Feeding problems
  • 17 Hydroxy progestrone is an important investigation – need not wait for results
  • SEPSIS in neonatal period – always consider & Treat as omission can be fatal
  • Check if .2%Saline 10% dextrose is still used – my memory is that it was discontinued due to problems with hyponatremia. 10% Dextrose NS is used.

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Anil Garg