Dear all

Thank you for joining the session and making it so interesting.

In the RRR we discussed:

  • Unsteadiness due to Cerebelitis
  • Chronic active hepatitis
  • Guillian barre syndrome

The cardiovascular station was a scenario of 15-year-old with central sternotomy scar and a murmur. Dr P and Dr J took the hotseat and were good at getting the clinical findings.

We had the following Learning points:

  • Systematic examination is a must.
  • General examination is MUST for all stations
  • Do NOT spend more than 1 min on introductions & General exam
  • Do not forget inspection palpation percussion auscultation.
  • Expose the part.
  • Sit child on edge of couch with arms up to look for scars.
  • Also moved from periphery to central i.e. fingers to the chest
  • Localise the apex beat feeling on both sides – Left & Right.
  • Check for THRILL – this will give site of maximum intensity of murmur
  • Do not want to miss Dextrocardia
  • Listen to the members carefully and be able to differentiate common ones
  • Take 10 seconds to organize your thoughts before presenting
  • Avoid going back & forth as it seems poorly organised technique

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Anil Garg