Dear All

Thank you for participating in the session today.

In RRR we discussed:

  • Thrombocytopenia in Newborn – causes
  • Tumour necrolysis syndrome
  • Broncho-Pulmonary dysplasia

The Video scenario was of a 3 day old bay with features of hypotonia. DR S took the hot seat and identified all the clinical signs present. Putting up a differential diagnosis was a bit of a struggle and hence the questions for history and examination. Management was appropriate.

Learning points:

  • Develop a Differential diagnosis – a MUST
  • Common causes are common – so they should be first
  • How to approach the video station
  • How to approach a Hypotonic baby – central vs peripheral
  • RRRs are important to think and read about.

Please visit to add your comments or points I may have missed.

Due to limited time and topics we can cover in our regular sessions if there are any specific topics that bother you and you wish to practice or clarify – contact me for 1-2-1 sessions.

Anil Garg