Thank you for your support for our Spring Course.

We had

30 Interactive Zoom Sessions 

(Present X2) 

What we covered:  

  • Rapid Random Review topics                             70 
  • Communication Scenarios                                   06 
  • Video Scenarios                                                   06 
  • Development scenarios                                       03 
  • History & Management                                        02 
  • Extended Clinical Scenarios                                03 
  • Clinical Scenarios                                                 06 + 03 
  • Q & A session                                                       01

   One to One sessions:                                            15

From feedback of the current exam we covered almost all topics that came up – may not have been in the same scenario as we practiced but the information was there with you to make appropriate replies.

Nerves played a crucial part and do improve with practice.

We now have a 2 week break and will start the Summer course from 1st July. Please send your feedback and suggestions as what you will like discussed.