Thank you for participating in the session today.

In Rapid Random Review we discussed:

  • Stridor – Laryngomalacia – web – sub glottic stenosis – Vascular ring
  •  Floppy infant
  • Intrathoracic mass – Malignancy – Hodgkin’s DD TB. Pneumonia

Dr D, Dr P and Dr K completed the task well.
Clinical station was: 6 year old boy who has come for routine FU. Examine his eyes.Dr D conducted the examination and covered all. He has a very real looking prosthetic eye.
Learning points:

  • Keep malignancy is DD of thoracic mass
  • Do not ‘blurt out’ diagnosis if you are not sure of what they ‘mean’.
  • Watch for verbal diarrhoea – always leads to trouble
  • check ‘group of muscles’ flexors, extensors etc
  • Eye examination – always start with testing acuity in EACH eye
  • Be systematic

Add your comments or anything I may have missed.

Anil Garg