Dear all

Thank you for participating in the session today.

Random Rapid Review:

  • ABCDE … 10 year old following RTA in A&E
  • Monitoring for raised Intracranial pressure

Video scenario was of a 6- year old with evidence of generalised rash, involvement of mucosa and  progressing to flaccid bullous eruption. Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis – a rare condition but can be fatal hence should know about it.
Have your DD: TENS / SJS / SSS.

Learning points:

  • Need to be systematic
  • Think on broad lines and use umbrella terms for initial diagnostic evaluation
  • Differential is essential to formulate a plan for history and examination questions
  • Mindful of time – need to be slick.
  • It may seem familiar but still hold true.
  • Pay attention to TASK set.
  • Do NOT spend your time in not asked for but other equally important
  • Mention ABCDE and move to task asked. Else you will not generate any marks.

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Anil Garg