Dear All
Participating in the session today. We covered a history station.

A 16-year-old had presented with worsening headaches for the past 2 to 3 months. Dr P did an excellent role play and was too good to offer a lot of information not requested. Dr A was in the hot seat. Most of the points in the history were covered but some important points were missed. As a whole group all was mentioned and covered.
Mistake was made of moving from H&M to Communication mode. Presented Power Point on History & Management.

Learning points:

  • Work our differential while viewing the information and differentiating questions in 4 minutes.
  • Social & family life
  • Detailed current medication / drug history / compliance
  • DO not move to Communication mode.
  • Brief summary with + & – ve points to support your first diagnosis
  • Important DD offer for discussion
  • Management is a Team – effort – you do not need to manage all options
  • Discuss with Consultant
  • Hemiplegic Migraine is a diagnosis of exclusion by Paediatric neurologist
  • Imaging with Chronic is an almost must. Can delay it till discussion with consultant.
  • Do not go to Psychiatry before ruling out space occupying lesion – it may be the cause!
  • Not neurological exam – does not rule out a Space Occupying Lesion
  • Head smart card – check put.

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Anil Garg