Thank you for your participation in today’s video station session.

We looked at two clips one was of a six-year-old with rash with Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TENS) and second of a 12 yr old with Generalised seizure like activity (NEAD). Dr A, Dr Y and Dr S – took the hot seat as there were some internet connection issues. Findings were discussed. Discussion was very generally good.
Learning points:

  • Watch a few videos of True Epileptic seizures so you are sure of what a generalized seizure looks like!
  • Know the management well.
  • Be confident of your observations.
  • Do not ask for information already given.
  • Some noted the clinical signs but did not mention as not sure
  • NEAD is a frequent symptom and needs to be tackled appropriately
  • Learn how to address Functional disorders
  • Do NOT forget the 30 sec rule
  • When asked ‘What will you do?” – Do NOT mention What you will NOT do!

Anil Garg