Thank you for participating in the session today. 

We discussed starting a new medication for renal protection for a 15-year-old diabetic. Dr P was an excellent role player who displayed controlled emotions as well as stipulated in the role-played information. Dr R and Dr A took the hot seat and there was definite improvement in the second attempt.

Learning points are:

  • Be aware of the Context of scenario – where & why it is happening.
  • Communication is a TWO way process
  • Avoid MONOLOGUE. Do not forget the 30 sec rule.
  • It is NOT a knowledge test – you do not have to tell all you know of the subject.
  • Accuracy of information and over all disease profile – keep in mind.
  • By 2 minutes you should have a reasonably good idea of Role player’s agenda.
  • Try and avoid “Do You Understand” … sounds grating on ears.
  • Park issues not central to task to be tackled later – do not ignore e.g. high HBA1C.
  • Try and avoid technical terms but also do not make it Baby talk.
  • Summarize at 6 mins in 30 secs and then carry on with unfinished agenda.
  • It will also be a reminder to you to realize what you have completed and What still needs attending to.
  • Bring other team members into care plan – Specialist nurse, Dietician – Need not be a One man Band

If there are other points you wish to add or I have forgotten.

Anil Garg