Thank you for participating in the session today.

I would like to thank Dr Siba especially for taking us through common scenarios one may encounter during the exam related to gastroenterology.

We discussed coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease with Crohn’s and ulcerated colitis, functional abdominal pain and constipation.

The learning points are:

  • Communication – ‘Given task’ may not be the sole reason to talk to role player
  • Check out for hidden cause of why new treatment is required or is being refused
  • Functional abdominal pain can occur along side Organic pathology
  • Faecal transplant?
  • Be confident in ‘refusing’ further investigations as an option of managing functional symptoms
  • Exam oriented study is essential for MRCPCH
  • Prepare to answer questions appropriately
  • Explore hidden concerns
  • Bio Social medicine – HEADSS
  • Keep an open mind

Add your comments or anything I may have missed.
Anil Garg