Thank you for participating in today’s session when we started with the video station of the exam.

I gave a small PowerPoint presentation highlighting the important points that need to be kept in mind while watching the video and preparing for the discussion with the examiner: Guru Mantras.

We then had a video clip off at 24 our old baby who was jittery. There were other signs that were picked up by most participants.

The Learning  points are:

  • Watch the video till the end – do not get side-tracked
  • Observe minute details – do not be pre-occupied
  • Put ALL signs together and in perspective to reach a Differential diagnosis
  • Frame your questions carefully so to help you differential the DD.
  • Common things common – UK perspective – some conditions may not be seen overseas.
  • It was first exposure to Videos for some hence a steep learning curve.

If I have missed any points please add them.
Video recording will be available for 2 weeks to participants of the Learning group.

Anil Garg