We discussed a discussion between a medical student 5th year and paediatric registrar. Medical student wanted to know about Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, management and why two babies were being treated differently.

Arif and Prada played the role of candidate very well. The communication style of Dr V & M was good and appropriate.

However it was revealing to know that NAS, a very common problem in UK is not that well learnt in overseas countries and hence we need to raise awareness of the condition and it’s management.

The learning points were:

  • Follow 2 minute Shishir rule to organize one’s thoughts
  • Setting scenario – move to side room as appropriate
  • 30 sec rule to ‘speak’. Do not be monotonous imparting information.
  • Need to be factually correct
  • If you have NO idea of the ‘task’ say so – do NOT bluff
  • Ask role player what they have read – you will be given clues
  • Do not bring in irrelevant information
  • Organize thoughts in ‘Headings’ to discuss.
  • Arrange to meet again or to present to larger group / department as a teaching episode.

Add points I may have missed or to add your comments.

Anil Garg