Thank you for participating in the session on communication.

I took the plunge and attempted the scenario which we had discussed previously of a newborn baby who is noted to be dusky at four hours and the clinical assessment is that he may have a cyanotic heart disease likely to be transposition of the great arteries. Dr Tamal was and excellent role player and did get across his anxiety very well. He was however, satisfied in the end.

The second scenario we did was of a one-year-old admitted following a febrile convulsion due to otitis media. The following morning during the ward round he was felt to be better and fit for discharge. However his father who had just arrived, was not happy with the medical decision and wanted the child to have a CT scan as he had found on Google. Maria was an excellent role player but technology did let us down in getting a clear understanding of communication between role player & candidate.

Learning points:

  • Ensure you have Good internet connection.
  • Vitally so as you can opt to take the exam from home now.
  • Technology failures on your end are unlikely to get sympathy from RCPCH – I am guessing.
  • “Will the child die?” is a common question – practice how to respond satisfactorily to it.
  • No medication can completely eliminate the chances of future convulsions
  • Tepid sponging / Cooling – can be different in context of different countries / climates
  • After introductions – keep QUIET and give parent /RP chance to get across everything they want to say – DO NOT interrupt.
  • This will also give you information of their prior knowledge.
  • Then pick up salient points – from THEIR perspective and address them

Add your comments or points I may have missed.

Video recording of the sessions are available to participants.
Anil Garg